About us

Has setting-up a business in Dubai been a long-time dream of yours?

How would you like if you could set up the very first branch at the hottest spot in downtown Dubai? Imagine starting your dream business next to the Tallest building in the world, and the center of Dubai's financial hub - Burj Khalifa.

Al Arabiya transforms this exhilarating dream into reality for the mainland, free zone, and offshore companies, and you could be one of them.

Our Mission

We help you with the incorporation of your business, throughout the mainland and free zones in the UAE. We also help offshore companies take root in the region. Our services empower you to set up offices and carry out business operations across the UAE, without having to compromise on the control of your business or diluting the power structure of your enterprise.

It is our job to untangle any knot that you may tie yourself into while taking root in the UAE. Whether you are encountering difficulties with the government liaison services or finding it tricky to make a mark in the competitive environment, Al Arabiya is here to help you to jump all hoops and establish your operations in the region.

Our Vision

The objective of Al Arabiya is to provide you with all the necessary support and services that you need to ensure your business manages to build a stronghold right in the commercial hub of Dubai. Al Arabiya works incessantly to provide robust business support to our clients by delivering a range of services. We help you to get the best podium for your launch so that you can reach the finish line faster.

Our Services

Al Arabiya provides dynamic business support to its clients through its broad range of services. From extending local sponsorship to providing prestigious office locations near the famed Burj Khalifa, we make sure our clients get everything they need to have a head start in Dubai’s commercial space.

By relying on our pro services, any budding business will be able to make use of all the resources and opportunities that Dubai's blossoming infrastructure has to offer. We customise our services as per the needs and requirements of our clients, hence, ensuring the best possible results in the shortest time frame.

Our Expertise

Al Arabiya has gained extensive experience overtime in business registration and networking. We have worked on and successfully developed business strategies for clients, who have trusted our expertise and know-how. Our grasp on the inner workings of both the bureaucratic machinery as well as the marketplace allows us to boldly lead our clients into the deep waters of setting up a business in a thriving but highly competitive environment.

Why us?

With the guidance and assistance of our team at Al Arabiya, you will be able to cruise through the obstacles of getting started in the UAE. Our trustworthiness in the market is translated well into business by our clients. All you need to do is to have Al Arabiya as your local sponsor, and you will find opportunities opening themselves up to you. Work with us towards building a golden future in Dubai for your business.

The most reliable PRO service in Dubai which is transparent, accountable and FREE!