PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Businessmen and investors in Dubai mainland, its free zones, and all across UAE can enjoy the luxury of tailor-made and trustworthy PRO services offered by Al Arabiya. The company stands on the foundations of unmatched customer services for those interested in business registration in Dubai. Al Arabiya has, overtime, developed strategies and skills to guide its clients through the different processes of the business world, while allowing the business owners to deal with the operational side simultaneously.

Visa Services in Dubai

Investors from all around the world have found the UAE to be an investment heaven. Business activities and opportunities have brought these investors and business owners to the UAE. The government of the emirates has been able to develop not only one of the best business policies and regulations in the world but also the most efficient and investor friendly visa policies that have led to the success UAE as a business hub. The rules and regulations made for different kinds of visas have been applied according to the need of the country. It is not only the government but also the Business Consultants in Dubai like Al Arabiya who have made things easier when it comes to obtaining a visa. The experience of our experts provides us with an edge over other consultants. Our experts know the relevant departments inside out, and it is their knowledge that makes our visa services comfortable for our clients.

Local Sponsor in UAE

Foreign investors must understand the importance of the role and functions of local UAE sponsor. One of the main challenges to start and operate a business in Dubai mainland is to find a local sponsor or service agent who is going to vouch for your trustworthiness in good faith before the competent authorities to let you in the country for the purpose of business, employment, or visit. The arrangement of a local sponsorship is a compulsory condition for a foreign investor who wishes to start up a business venture or make an investment in Dubai mainland. The mainland Dubai strictly adheres to the UAE government sanctioned shareholding structure which is 51% local share and 49% expat share. A foreign person must find a local sponsor, a UAE national, who is going to hold 51% of the company’s shares. Mostly, local sponsors play the role of a silent or dormant business partners and they do not take part in the administration or management of the business operations and are happy to receive a yearly income from the foreign investor according to the rules of profit-sharing laid down and formally agreed upon in the contract. However, foreign investors sometimes do make some agreements with local sponsors other than the one already inked in black and white but such agreements are not considered as admissible evidence should there arise a need to move to a court for the settlement of some dispute between the local sponsor and foreign investor. The profit and loss sharing ratio can be settled in the contract which does not have to correspond to the ratio of which capital is invested by the local sponsor and foreign investor. The 51% sharing requirement doesn’t apply to companies or businesses set up in the free zones. 100% ownership is given to the investor.

Bank Account in Dubai-UAE

The economic and fiscal stability of UAE owes a great deal to its highly developed and well-regulated banking industry. UAE banking industry is widely acknowledged for its uncompromising compliance with the highest standards of customer service and modern standards of banking requirements. It is this unrelenting pursuit of perfection and safety in banking practices that draws business people and others to open a bank account in Dubai, UAE. The well-entrenched and ever-improving financial stability of Dubai make this cosmopolitan city a disarmingly attractive destination for foreign businessmen and investors to park their monetary assets in the banks based in the city here. Many international financial institutions have opened up their branches in Dubai because of this reason. The procedure for opening a corporate bank account in Dubai varies from bank to bank. There is a bewildering array of complex steps and procedures you have to go through in order to open a bank account in Dubai. Therefore, Al Arabiya offers its services to help you open a corporate bank account which would save you a big chunk of your precious time. It is our way of saying welcome to our valued clients. It is not only the government but also the Business Consultants in Dubai like Al Arabiya who have made things easier when it comes to obtaining a visa. The experience of our experts provides us with an edge over other consultants. Our experts know the relevant departments inside out, and it is their knowledge that makes our visa services comfortable for our clients.

Products Registration in Dubai

UAE is one of the largest and most important centers of international trade. Naturally, the UAE government is tilted towards creating a highly conducive, consumer friendly and well-regulated environment for fair competition and growth of international trade. The regional market regulations make it incumbent upon businesses to register their products, as a preliminary step for their business setup in U.A.E. Product businesses are thriving in Dubai. In order to regulate the quality and maintain the international standards, UAE government has established a modern and comprehensive assessment standard which makes it compulsory for all products to be registered first prior to launching (selling) in the local market.

Trademark Registration in Dubai

After the completion of company registration process for business setup in UAE, the next logical step for a company is to creatively design its own symbol or logo. It is at this point in time when the trademark registration process begins. A trademark is a term used to collectively describe a combination of intellectual properties which may include a name, word, phrase, design, symbol, image, or a combination of these items that are particular to a company. It is very important for a company to safeguard its intellectual property. Businesses always try to make sure that their intellectual property such as a logo or a trademark is well-guarded because it is these symbols with which consumers identify their products.

Our Free PRO Services

We understand the market and changing processes and information. It is our responsibility to provide accurate up to date information to our clients based on their needs. Because of those needs, we have developed a total tailored one-stop solution for all government pro services. Our goal is to manage the entire pro services requirement of our clients. Whilst ensuring full compliance, information, and transparency on all pro services provided.

Our Services Includes,
• Renewal of trade license • Company immigration card renewal • Set up of branch license’s • Company labour card renewals • New company formation • Labour support • Residency visa cancellation • New residency visa processing • Labour quota applications • Immigration card updates & Labour card updates • Regulatory body license renewal • Labour contracts • Regulatory body support and liaison services • Offer letters • Employment visa process • New emirates ID processing • Renewal of emirates ID • Labour contract changes • Quota modifications • Visa alerts and weekly updates • WPS support services • Labour and immigration support services • Special services tailored to client • Consultancy support on labour category

Get Your Own Professional License

A mainland company is an onshore company licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the related emirate which is allowed to do business in the local market as well as outside UAE without any restriction. When it comes to company formation in Dubai, Mainland is the most popular and pragmatic choice as it has the maximum benefits that the country has to offer in setting up businesses. However, there are certain regulations that one has to follow in the process, one of them being – One UAE national has to mandatorily hold at least 51% of the total equity in any commercial company, except in the following cases:
- Business activities that permit 100% Foreign Ownership
- Businesses located in Free Zones
- Partnerships between GCC companies and UAE National
- Business activities that permit 100% Local Ownership

The type of license will determine if one needs a local partner(Commercial and Industrial license) or a Local Service Agent(Professional License), Professional license is required when an individual or a group individuals provide their expert service, and the business is 100% owned by the expatriate. The local Service agent act as representatives in administrative dealings with government departments. The local service agent does not hold a stake in the business and is instead paid an annual fee for their service.